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Copyright and Fair Use : Usage Permission

This guide includes resources for faculty and students to use to answer their questions concerning Copyright and Fair Use.

Resources to Guide the Process of Obtaining Usage Permission

Columbia University, formed the Copyright Advisory Office (CAO). This office combines the research, teachings, and services created by university faculty. Its purpose is to address in an innovative, creative, and pragmatic manner the relationship between copyright law and the work of the university community.

Follow steps outlined in this site on permissions and licensing from Columbia University Libraries Information Services department: 

Accessing Permissions from the Database of Copyright Licenses

The Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a database of copyright information searchable by name or ISBN of the material. Once you find a record for your material, you can license or obtain permission to use the material in your courses. 

The Copyright Clearance Center is a provider of copyright licensing systems and compliance solutions. The Copyright Clearance Center represents authors, publishers, and other owners of copyright-protected information. Their goal is to provide a single source for licensed access to copyrighted works. At this site you can learn about Pay-Per-Use Services which includes their academic permission service (APS), electronic course content service, transactional reporting service, digital permission service, and republication licensing service. You can also access Academic FAQ’s.

How to Write a Letter Requesting Permission

Fair Use Liaison

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