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Welcome COMM240 online students! This guide was created just for you to help you complete your mid-term and final papers. Since you will be doing some original research, combing various types of media for data, and using existing articles, this guide won't contain all the possible information you need. If you have any questions about any piece of this, ask your librarian (I'm in Canvas or use the email on this page).

Mid-term Resources

From the assignment: "....students will conduct research on a culture located in South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, or Europe by examining persuasive messages created outside of the United States."

Remember your ultimate goal is: "...discuss the country/culture the student chose and how the parables 'fit' when applied to that particular culture. Students will discuss the cultural differences that allowed the parable to fit or not."

This can be done by searching the internet for reputable English-language media sources though it can be harder to determine trustworthiness in a different culture context. 

If you use LexisNexis below, just select News search and search for any keyword. Once you are in results, you can click the "Geography" category and choose regions for news, some of which will be overtly persuasive.

You are familiar with Communication & Mass Media Complete for journal articles about the media, but without original sources (persuasive media from other countries).

MasterFILE Premier is a database of general interest publication, with some decent global coverage. You can enter your terms and then either choose NOT united states (Geographic Term) or enter whichever country or region you are interested in. 

Final Resources

From the assignment sheet: "Students must select a specific form of media (newspapers, television, radio, magazines, books, etc.) or a specific genre (sit-coms, newsmagazines, sociology textbooks, etc.) and a specific media topic (race, age, occupational groups, class, etc.)."

Remember you are choosing between quantitative and qualitative research methodologies or both when you create your research question. After you do that, you need to research how to do content analysis in a library database. Your best option is Communication & Mass Media below. 

Academic Search Premier will have articles on content analysis as well, with some overlap.

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