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American Music: Home

This guide has been created to supplement the BCCC non-credit American Music course.

Welcome to American Music!

Welcome to this course which will be a survey of music created in the United States by Americans from Colonial times through the precursors of jazz in the 1920s. The music of a place and time reflects its culture, so we will look at music composed for art, recreation, worship, war, and other purposes.

I like to use a combination of audio from my own collection, video and images from the Web, and other resources when I teach these courses, and my hope is that you find my presentations interesting and engaging. I'll be creating my presentations with Prezi and I have posted them on this page. Feel free to re-live the class experience as many times as you like. 

There is no text for this class, but from time to time I will recommend relevant sources for the interested.

You should know that this course was originally designed to run for six weeks, and I've squished it down to fit into three. There might be material we don't get to in class, but I'll make sure to cover the most crucial. The rest is on this LibGuide, in the links and in the Prezi boxes below.

Are you ready? Let's dive in!!!

Week One Prezi Presentation

Week Two Prezi Presentation

Week Three Prezi Presentation

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