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VAGD201 Kabbash ePortfolio Project: How to Create an ePortfolio

Guide on how to use Weebly for creating your ePortfolio for Professor Kabbash's VAGD201 course.

Weebly ePortfolio Project

What is it?

An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. Portfolios can relate to specific academic fields or your lifelong learning. Evidence may include writing samples, photos, videos, research projects, observations by mentors and peers, and/or reflective thinking. The key aspect of an eportfolio is your reflection on the evidence, such as why it was chosen and what you learned from the process of developing your eportfolio. (Barett, 2010)

For VAGD201

Create an ePortfolio to demonstrate your achievements in your completion of course assignments. You will use Weebly ( to create your ePortfolio. 

You must create a homepage and a webpage for each assignment that you complete for the course. 

  • Book Critique
  • Social Poster
  • Ad Campaign
  • Logo pt. 1
  • Logo pt. 2
  • Expanded Identity

After this semester, you may change the ePortfolio to represent more of your work, other employable skills and personality. You will have access to this account indefinitely. Here are some example ePortfolios other graphic arts students created:

Barrett, H. (2010). Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios. Educação, Formação & Tecnologias, 3(1), 6-14. [Online], Available online:

Where to get Answers to your Weebly Questions

Bucks County Community College Libraries

  • Jackie Burger, Learning Technologies Liaison
    • Email:
    • Phone: 215-968-8056
  • Media Lab in the Newtown Campus Library
    • Hours with staff available: MTTh 9am to 9pm; WF 9am to 3:30pm 
  • Service desk at any Bucks County Community College Library

Learning Technologies Liaison

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Jackie Burger
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