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Augmented/Virtual Reality Guide: Home

This is a guide to the immersive technologies and how they will be used at Bucks County Community College

Immersive Lab

Immersive at Bucks poster with virtual reality and augmented reality examples 

Visit the Newtown Campus Library, room LIBR 128 to experience VR/AR. Fall 2018 Immersive Lab hours:  


Bring Virtual Reality to Your Classroom

How to Create an Immersive Learning Classroom

Take your class on field trips across distance and time. Or, immerse your class in a captivating performance.

  1. View the list of free AR/VR apps to select an experience appropriate for your class.
  2. Instruct your students to download the app prior to class. 
  3. Check out from the Newtown campus library a cart of low-end virtual reality goggles. 
  4. Students will open the app, place their phone in the goggles and secure the goggles around their face. 
  5. You've created an immersive, memorable learning experience! 

HoloLens Early Adopter Project

More information on this exciting partnership with Pearson coming soon!