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The World of Johann Sebastian Bach: Home

designed to supplement the Continuing Education course of the same name

Bach Links

Here are some interesting websites having to do with the life and music of J.S. Bach. This list will grow--do you have any suggestions?

The Places of J.S. Bach

Bach moved around a lot, and the music he composed was influenced by the positions he held and the musicians he admired.

Eisenach, 1685-1695

Ohrdruf, 1695-1700

Lüneburg, 1700-1702

Weimar, 1703-1703

Arnstadt, 1703-1707

Mühlhausen, 1707-1708

Weimar, 1708-1717

Köthen, 1717-1723

Leipzig, 1723-1750

The Children of J.S. Bach

With Maria Barbara

·         Catharina Dorothea (1708-1774)

·         Wilhelm Friedemann “Friedemann” (1710-1784)

·         Maria Sophia (1713-1713)

·         Johann Christoph (1713, died at birth)

·         Carl Philipp Emanuel “Carl” or “CPE” (1714-1788)

·         Johann Gottfried Bernhard (1715-1739)

·         Leopold Augustus (1718-1719)

With Anna Magdalena

·         Christiana Sophia Henrietta (1723-1726)

·         Gottfried Heinrich (1724-1763)

·         Christian Gottlieb (1725-1728)

·         Elisabeth Juliana Friderica “Lieschen” (1726-1781)

·         Ernestus Andreas (1727-1727)

·         Regina Johanna (1728-1733)

·         Christiana Benedicta (1730-1730)

·         Christiana Dorothea (1731-1732)

·         Johann Christoph Friedrich “Friederich” (1732-1795)

·         Johann August Abraham (1733-1733)

·         Johann Christian “Christel” (1735-1782)

·         Johanna Carolina (1737-1781)

·         Regina Susanna (1742-1809)

The World of J.S. Bach--Week One

The World of J.S. Bach--Week Two

The World of J.S. Bach--Week Three

Selected Bibliography

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         This book contains primary sources from Bach’s life. A newer edition is available.


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         This new book focuses on the vocal music of JS Bach, especially the cantatas.


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         This erudite resource provides useful information about JS Bach’s compositional process, his place in the history of music, and          esoteric details of manuscripts and performance practice.


Wolff, Christoph. Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician. NY: WW Norton, 2000.

         This essential biography is a nice blend of ‘the works’ and ‘the man’ and has been my primary reference for this course.

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