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Art Resources: Start your Research


1) Look in your textbook "Gardner's Art Through the Ages" to find a work of art that interests you. 


2) After you find a work of art that interests you, locate what museum collection your chosen work of art resides.


3) If that collection is not close enough to visit or you do not have the funds to fly to Italy by the due date of this assignment, 


4) Then chose one of the local museums to find a similar work of art that was created from around 1300 through 1900.


5) When you chose a museum website find the 'search collections' box on the main page.


6) Then type in the full name of the artist, then check results for your artwork.  If that was not a successful search try to enter in the title of artwork.


7) Repeat this process changing the artwork in 'search collections' box, until you find an acceptable work of art for this assignment.