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POLI111: Prof. Keith: Video Mashup

American National Government

Start Here

Follow these steps to create a successful video mashup!

Step 1: See Examples of Video Mashups

Step 2: Do Some Research

Do some research to find information about your hypothetical candidate's political party.  Look at real candidates' websites and ads.  These websites could be good places to start:

Find information about your candidate's important issues.  This database has lots of information about current issues:

If you look elsewhere on the Web for information, make sure the information is accurate, reliable and up-to-date!  Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate:

Step 3: Make an Outline

Once you know what you want your ad to say, make an outline that expresses what you want to say in the order in which you want to say it.

Step 4: Find Images, Video and Music

Use Creative Commons to find images, videos and music that don't require the permission of the copyright holder for you to make use of them--just give the owners credit!

Step 5: Create a Storyboard

Making a storyboard will save you time when you're editing your video.  Use it to depict what will happen in your video moment by moment.  Use any medium that you like, including hand drawing and Powerpoint.  This video will give you just one example:

Step 6: Need to Shoot Original Video?

A smart phone might work fine, but if you want to use something fancier click on the Equipment for Loan tab for information about video cameras that you can borrow fron the Media Lab.

Step 7: Create and Edit Your Video

Both Windows Live Moviemaker (PCs) and iMovie (Macs) will work well for your video editing and are standard on most computers.  See the Movie Editing Software tab for more information about them.

If you need to edit video downloaded from the web (make sure you don't need permission!) can be helpful.  Look at this document for information:

Step 8: Make Your Works Cited List/Credits

Credit all of your sources! See the Write Citations for Media tab for information.