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POLI111: Prof. Keith: Equipment for Loan

American National Government

Media Equipment for Loan

Q3/Q2 kit

Image of Q3 camera
Handheld video camera that records just audio or audio and video footage. Kit includes tripod, instructions, foam microphone sleeve, and carrying case. Easy to use, customizable recording features, footage outputs in a .mov file format via pop-out USB plug. Two week loan period.

Video Guides for Cameras

How to use the Q3 camera
Erasing Handheld Camera Files
(Zoom Q3 and Zoom Q2)


Snowball mic

Image of Snowball microphone
Easy to use USB microphone. Great for capturing audio from multiple sources or from one source when no background noise is present. For use in Media Lab only.


Headphones and microphone connected via USB or audio and microphone inputs. Excellent tool to use to add voice-over to a presentation or to communicate with others via applications like Skype. Best tool to use when background noise is present.

Web Cam

Image of Web cam
A video camera that attaches to a computer or laptop via USB and integrates with applications like iMovie and Skype.

Media Reader

Image of media card reader
Use this device to upload files from a mini SD card, micro SD, MMC micro, CF/MD, M2, or MS/DUO to a Mac or PC.