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POLI111: Prof. Keith: Movie Editing Software

American National Government

Icon Key

Filmstrip A video tutorial is available. Click to view.

Magnifier  Click to view a Bucks example of the resource.

Gear Tool is in beta (under development). There may be bugs.

Padlock Resource will require a Bucks username and password to access.

Heart Recommended.

Dollar sign Not free or not completely free.

Movie Creation and Editing

Audio Creation and Editing


Film strip icon courtesy of Jack Cal 

from (CC BY ND)

Lock icon courtesy of schollidesign

from (GNU/GPL)

Magnifier icon courtesy of Burak Ozturk

from (Freeware)

Gear icon courtesy of Mart (Marco Martin)

from (GNU/GPL)

Heart icon courtesy of Burak Ozturk

from (Freeware)