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COMP 111 -- Prof. Sass-Germain: Home

MLA Formatting Help

Your Handbook for Academic Writing is a great resource for MLA-style citation formatting, so go there first.  These links will take you to additional help:

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Find books, videos, and more in the College Library.


As a:

Find Online Electronic Books


These library databases are useful for finding journal articles on literary subjects:

Logging on to Library Databases from Home

Tips for Finding Reliable Websites

* Limit your web search to US college and university websites (.edu), US government websites (.gov), or US military websites (.mil) using Google Advanced Search.

* Use the CRAAPP Test to determine the reliability of websites you find.


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Marzenna Ostrowski
Collection Management Librarian

Library Building--ground floor--room #122

Liaison to Health Sciences Department

Characteristics of peer reviewed/scholarly journals


  1. Articles report research done in the specific discipline
  2. Author is an expert or specialist in the discipline. Crudentials are always provided.
  3. Articles are directed to scholars in the same discipline
  4. Reviewed by scholars specializing in this discipline
  5. Articles have extensive bibliographies
  6. Articles have to follow specific publication structure (abstract, keywords, research background and literature review, methodology, research results,  conclusion, references)


Online Tutoring

This link will take you to all of the Tutoring Center's options for online help: