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Prezi-Movie Review and analysis of themes and topics

Creating Video Mashup

Media Lab

Media Lab Location/Hours

The Media Lab is on the main floor of the Newtown Library.


Visit the space to work on your project. Staff are available to help answer any movie editing or research questions.



Mon - Thur 8am - 9pm

Fri 8am - 3:30pm




Accessing Library Databases from Home

Create a Citation

Unofficial citation format


Look at the video below. Four areas were highlighted on a screenshot from Flickr. These 4 pieces of information are necessary to create a citation.


Your citation should include, the author/creator of the material, the date the material was created or uploaded, the title of the material, and the URL to retrieve the image.

Use those four pieces of information to create the following: Author (last name, first name). Date. Title of image. Available at: URL of the image


So, using the picture below, our citation for this image:

 qthomasbower. March 22, 2009. Red and White Flower - Fractal Mosaic v.2. Available at:

Media Project Steps

So you've been assigned a media project. What does this mean exactly?

A media project is one that includes elements other than text on paper. This could be a mashup (video or otherwise), Glogster, online timeline, Prezi, photo editing, game board creation or similar project.

For all of these types of media projects, the basic steps are the same:

1) Do some research. Trying to put together images, video and audio for a topic you don't know about is tough. Get the facts first.

2) Craft a general outline or storyboard. This is the flow of your media project. What will you cover first? Which order is the information presented in? What kinds of media might you need for these parts? (You can change your mind later!)

3) Gather all your media. Go to the "Find media" tab at the top to search for copyright-okay pictures, videos, images, and music.

4) Put together your project: Use the research and media in the order of your outline and add music and effects. 

5) Publish, export or save your project. The final step is to make your media project available for your professor or class to enjoy.

Online Databases for articles

Reference Librarian

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A Tip for Finding Quality Websites

Limit yourself to US Government websites (.gov) using Google Advanced Search.