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COMP110 - Geiger: Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism Checklist

1) Put quotation marks around direct quotes.

         Direct quote - Copying word for word from another author's work

2) Gather all the citation information at the time you are researching/writing. Keep copies (print/electronic)

3) Do not copy & paste text directly into your paper unless you reference it immediately. Cite your sources in your rough draft.

4) Start your paper sooner rather than later.

5) Note paraphrases

         Paraphrase - to change the words and the sentence structure without changing the idea

6) If you are unsure, cite it. Ask your instructor, a librarian or tutor if you are unsure.

7) Make sure your quoting and paraphrasing does not exceed the Fair Use guidelines.

8) If the information is common knowledge or your own ideas, you do not have to cite.

      Common Knowledge - information known by most people or the information can be found in a variety of places.

9) You can not reuse an assignment from another class or an assignment completed  by a friend.