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IDea Guide for Teaching and Learning: Pedagogy of Nearpod

for Regina Hierholzer

Learning with Nearpod

Generally, Nearpod presentations facilitate active learning in online or face-to-face classes. Students not only view material, but they do something with the material. There are a variety of activity slides you can add to your content slides to require students to engage the learning material. Specifically, Nearpod can be used in face-to-face classes to differentiate instruction and/or to flip a lesson. 

Differentiated Instruction

Key components of differentiated instruction:

  • address varied instructional needs of your students
  • break students into groups based on area in need of improvement
  • tailor instruction to set different expectations for task completion based on individual student needs

Flip your Lesson

Key components of flipped learning:

  • students read and/or view lesson materials at home
  • instructor assess students' understanding of material
  • class time is used to evaluate students' analysis or application of the lecture material to an activity such as group work, solving a problem, completing a worksheet, etc.
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