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Prof. Makin - COMP 110: Home

Navigating the Library Website

Need help with MLA-style formatting?

This tutorial will help you learn the basics of MLA formatting style or check out these websites:

1) EasyBib

2) Purdue Online Writing Lab

3) Bucks Tutoring Center

Logging on to Library Databases from Home


Select a database for your research. You will be prompted to type your school username and password. Use the one you use to log onto the campus computers. Help is a click away if you run into problems.

Click here for instructions.




Full-text journal articles and indexes. Search the default database, Academic Search Premier and MasterFile Premier.


Statistical Websites







*Use statistics from reliable peer-reviewed sources. Popular magazines often only target their audience, such as mostly males or mostly females, depending on the type of magazine.

Using Google to search a website:


Ex: work at home :site

Evaluating Websites

Finding reliable, unbiased information on the free Web can be tough and VERY time consuming! Apply this test (C.R.A.A.P.) to evaluate the websites you find on Google and other search engines. There are faster ways to get to quality information.