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Margaret's COMM110 LibGuide: Home

Use this guide to launch into databases, tutorials about databases, and other library services.

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Hello Effective Speaking students! I'll be sharing some information in person about how to go about researching information for your Library Assignment and speeches, but I thought a research guide (we call them LibGuides) would also be a great help to you. You'll see widgets and links to tutorials in the left column. Use these to acquaint yourself to the library's website and the catalog (where you can find books and other resources).

In the center column here under this message, you'll find information about databases where you'll find articles from magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals. These are the sources you should be using for college-level work. EBSCOhost is the most comprehensive of all these, and it's most useful for your Informative Speech. You'll find a link to the database and a tutorial to show you how to use it effectively just under this box.  You will also find the Opposing Viewpoints database very helpful, especially for your Persuasive Speeches. This database will bring you points of view on many topics, via full-text scholarly journals, radio transcriptions, newspapers, reliable websites, and other formats. 

Meanwhile, if you get stuck, are uninspired, or hit a brick wall, check with me or any of the librarians. My contact information is under my picture in the right column, or you can use the "Get Help" link underneath my box to chat with a librarian anytime the libraries are open.

Good luck with your speeches and remember to cite any ideas you borrow from other scholars or writers! 

Library Databases

These Library databases will be useful for most Informative and Persuasive Speech topics.  Find high-quality, reliable information from reference books, journal articles, and newspapers.  Contact the Library if you can't find what you need!

Reference Books You Might Want To Consult

Don't forget about reference books when you are trying to learn more about your topic or put it in context. These are only a sample of the many dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other tools you will find in the Library's Reference Department which can help you gather information about a place, time, or culture related to your research topic. Many also include suggestions for further reading. I blab more about how you might use these books in my BLOGPOST HERE. Call numbers are included in this list to make your search easier.

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Citing Sources with MLA or APA Style

A Thorough Guide to Citing Sources from the Purdue OWL