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Effective Speaking COMM110: Welcome!

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Welcome to this helpful resource called a LibGuide. These are new to the librarians at Bucks, so they are still experimenting with how to use them most effectively. They are supposed to bring all of the library resources you might use for your class together to make your searching more efficient. Please look at the widgets and links that show up these pages. I have carefully selected them based on the assignment you are working on. My contact information is on the right of each page, and I welcome your questions (and comments about the LibGuide) through email or voicemail as well as in-person  during class!

Please check the tabs above for your assignment. Click on the tab and you'll see a customized page that suggests appropriate sources for the research you are doing and some tutorials to help you get started. There's also a link for Ask a Librarian where you can instant message a librarian for help. We want to make this a stress-free learning experience for you!

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