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guide to research for Essay #5

Completing E5 Research Exercise and Essay

Requirements and instructions for completing [E5] Research Activity 11th Ed. and [E] Essay #5: Myths of Money and Success can be found in your COMP110.H01 Canvas Course space in the "Assignments" section. 

The following resources will help you to:

1. Find an article in EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier (formerly known as Academic Search Elite);

2. Develop keywords for your research;

3. Evaluate articles you find in your search results; and,

4. Use MLA Formatting.

Essay #5 Research Activity Instruction

Developing Keywords for Essay #5 Research Activity and Essay

Developing keywords is an important task to the research process. Start with reading the essay prompt. Then, brainstorm. Use the following worksheet to help you with the brainstorming process. Once you have a list of keywords, try using those words and phrases in your searches (see the website on how to use AND, OR, NOT). Try different combinations of keywords. Also, remember to include in your list synonyms. 

Evaulating Articles for Essay #5

Using MLA Formatting for Essay #5 Research Activity and Essay

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