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Research help for the literary criticism and social issues assignments.

For Your Newspaper Source Assignment

Newspaper Source is one of many databases in EBSCOhost. Use the link below to go directly to it.  If you need help getting started, look for the EBSCOhost video tutorial on the Database Tutorials page of this guide.

Logging on to Library Databases from Home

MLA Formatting Help

Your Handbook for Academic Writing is a great resource for MLA-style citation formatting, so go there first.  These links will take you to additional help:


Welcome! (text)

Hi! I've put together this guide so that you'll have in one place everything you'll need to do your research for this course.  Notice the tabs at the top of the guide.  This main page has general information.  The second tab, Literary Criticism, will help you find articles for your literature essays.  The third tab, Contemporary Social Issues, will help you find quality sources for your long research essay.  There's also a page that will guide you through your research for the Research-Based Poem assignment, and one with video tutorials for the recommended databases.

Contact me if you need help.  Best is to post to the library discussion in Canvas, but you can also send me a direct message.  I'm here to help!


Are you desperate for a book or article that we don't have?

Maybe you've found information about the perfect article in one of the databases but there's no full text.  Or you've found the perfect book in the catalog but it's checked out.  You can request a copy of the book or article through interlibrary loan by submitting this form.  We'll try to find another library that has it and send it to you.  Be aware, though, that this process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, so this isn't something that you can do at the last minute.

Chat with a Librarian

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Need Lots of Help???

If you need more help than I'm able to provide in the Canvas space, you can request an in-depth, web-based session with a librarian by submitting this online form.  A librarian will be in touch to set up an appointment.