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Support for student creation and use of an ePortfolio.

Bucks Career Services

The Bucks County Community College Career Services department is your one-stop-shop for videos, guidebooks and other information related to finding your career path, searching and applying for jobs, preparing a resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview and much more! 

ePortfolio Overview

Definition of an ePortfolio

An ePortfolio is "a personal digital record that supports formal, informal and non-formal learning and contains evidence about one's accomplishments in the form of artifacts and reflection on learning which can be provided to whomever the owner has chose to grant permission." (Balaban, 2013, p. 397) Basically, an ePortfolio is an organized, personal webpage that provides you with the opportunity to showcase to your instructors, your peers, and your future or current employers your skills and abilities. 

 Why create an ePortfolio?

  • Demonstrate your skills and experiences beyond your paper resume 
  • Highlight your learning achievements 
  • Organize your work
  • Elaborate on who you are as an individual
  • Stand out from your competition in the job market

Common and Free ePortfolio Tools

You can create an ePortfolio by using either or both of these tools. 

Who should view your ePortfolio?

  • You! Review and revise your ePortfolio often. 
  • Your instructors. Ask them to suggest work you created to add to your ePortfolio or contribute. Or. ask them to write a letter of recommendation you can add to your ePortfolio.  . 
  • Your former and/or current employer. Ask them to send to letters of reference or recommendation to your ePortfolio. 
  • Your future employer. Add the link to your ePortfolio to your resume to demonstrate your abilities, skills, and achievements. 

Balban, E., Enrique, Mu., Divjak, B. (2013). Development of an electronic Portfolio system success model: An information systems approach. Computers & Education, 60, p. 396 - 411.