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Support for student creation and use of an ePortfolio.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn® professional networking services are available at . Creating a LinkedIn profile provides you with the opportunity to network with potential employers, fellow classmates and alumni. Your profile allows you to use your profile like a portfolio by showcasing evidence of your skills, education, and employment qualifications. You may use any email address to create a LinkedIn account. You have the right to edit your profile indefinitely. 

How to create a LinkedIn account

*Video has closed captions. You must click the CC icon to activate closed caption display. 

How to Build a Profile/ePortfolio

Once you create an account, LinkedIn will remind you to update your information. Updating your information alerts your network of connections to the updates. These alerts draw viewers to your profile. Thes links listed below will take you to websites with step-by-step directions on how to change your profile in way that is effective and attractive to potential employers. Remember that the goal is to provide your viewer with more information than a resume. Use the features of LinkedIn to not only list your experiences, but to also demonstrate the skills you have as a result of those experiences. 


Update your LinkedIn profile often! Your profile should represent you as you continue to build on your professional and academic experiences. 

How to share your LinkedIn Profile

You may create a personalized link to your LinkedIn profile. This video demonstrates how to do this. Once you have a link, copy it and share it with your instructor, paste it on a resume, etc.

*Video has closed captions. You must click the CC icon to activate closed caption display.