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Life and Health class -- Mashup Video

Creating Video Mashup

Logging on to Library Databases from Home

Create a Citation

Unofficial citation format


Look at the video below. Four areas were highlighted on a screenshot from Flickr. These 4 pieces of information are necessary to create a citation.


Your citation should include, the author/creator of the material, the date the material was created or uploaded, the title of the material, and the URL to retrieve the image.

Use those four pieces of information to create the following: Author (last name, first name). Date. Title of image. Available at: URL of the image


So, using the picture below, our citation for this image:

 qthomasbower. March 22, 2009. Red and White Flower - Fractal Mosaic v.2. Available at:

Online Databases for articles

Educational Films

Evaluating Web Sites

Evaluating Web sites?
There is a lot of good information to be found online. That said, there is much to consider when using a web source.
Consider the following:

  • What is the the domain (e.g.: .org, .com, .edu, etc.)?
  • Is an author listed? Is there any indication of the author's credentials or institutional affiliation?
  • Is there any indication of the date of the information?
  • Can you corroborate information with a published source?

Still not sure? Then give the web site the CRAAP test:

Currency – Has the site been updated recently?  Do the links still work? Do the graphics still load? When was the article copyrighted?

Relevance – Is this article about the topic you’re researching? Who is the intended audience (college students, K-12, professors)?

Authority – What are the author’s credentials? What is the publisher’s angle? Is contact information provided?

Accuracy – Are sources cited for the claims made? Has the information been reviewed? Can you verify the facts? Are there spelling or other errors?

Purpose – Is the article intended to persuade? Does the author make the intent clear? Does it seem impartial or biased?



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