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PSYC110 - Unit 4 Assessment - Prof. Ford: Home

This guide will help you with your research for the Unit 4 Assessment.

Welcome! (video)

Welcome! (text)

Hi my name is Jackie Fritz, and I am the librarian embedded into your Psych 110 class. I am here, along with this guide is here to help you do your research for the Unit 4 Assessment.

This guide has sections of video tutorials to help you find an article in our EBSCOhost academic search elite database. There is also a section on how to find and create an MLA or APA citation. The video tutorial focusing on finding an article directs to find an article that not only discusses a topic from your text, but also provides informative advice on that topic. 

    Want to chat with me or another librarian? You can message me in the Canvas course space or you can post a question to the Ask Jackie discussion thread. You can also stop by the Newtown, UBC, or LBC libraries to chat with a librarian face-to-face. Or, you can send a message to a Bucks librarian by using the Get Help boxes on this guide. Good luck searching!