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APA Style

  1. APA Style:
    • Print resources available in the Bucks library: This will provide you with details.
      Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. (REF 808.02 A512 2001)
    • From Bucks Tutoring Center: 
      APA Style Handout  (PDF)
    • From other Internet resources:
      Electronic Reference Formats Recommended by the American Psychological Association 
    • Purdue Univeristy OWL - APA Style


Welcome to your custom COMM240 library research guide. My name is Brian, I’m a librarian here at Bucks, and I’m here to help you in particular with your Final Project for Persuasive Communication.


For this assignment you’ll want to be sure to hit up the library databases like EBSCOhost and perhaps others. You may also find certain government web sites useful.


Consider the direction of your speech. What is your target audience? You may want to be thinking of things that help describe that demographic (values, income, attitudes, etc.)—data and evidence that describes this audience, or a similar one.


You may need to do some extrapolating. For example, say you choosing Bucks County families, you may find basic encyclopedic information in the Credo Reference database, or some newspaper articles in EBSCOhost Newspaper source. On the other hand you may find an article describing one particular community that you can model for the purpose of this assignment.


You may want to search things like employment outlook, advancement, promotion, educational credit, transfer, and more in EBSCOhost Academic and Master File.


Some government web sites that may prove useful include the Statistical Abstract of the United States on for social, political, and economic information on population. Also the Occupational Outlook Handbook over at will provide information on various career fields.


Don’t forget College web page itself.  If you’re choosing to persuade current full-time students at Bucks to meet with an academic adviser to discuss their academic progress and plan their classes for upcoming semesters, or persuade current students at Bucks to remain at Bucks and complete their associate's degree, or persuade potential students to attend Bucks, there is loads of helpful information. Try the Academic Advising and the Transfer Services web pages to start.


Please feel free to contact me with any specific research questions you may have.





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