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Margaret's History Guide: Home

This guide is a collection of information for History courses.

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Don't forget BOOKS!

Don't forget to look for books on your historical topic to add depth to your research papers and projects. Use the widget above this box to look for books on your topic. Below are a couple of examples from our reference collection.

Welcome to your Research Guide

What Benjamin Franklin said in the box above

Welcome to your History research guide (also known as a LibGuide)! Margaret created this guide to help you find your way through the Library's resources. She asked me to introduce this because I, Ben Franklin, started the Library Company of Philadelphia in 1731 with my friends so that we could have access to the best information available. You will want to use the best and most credible information for your assignments, and this library has access to great books and articles. If you run into trouble, contact Margaret or one of the other librarians. Margaret's contact information is to the right. Good luck!

EBSCOhost Tutoral

Please watch this up-to-date video tutorial to learn more about EBSCOhost and score some great tips on using it effectively.

MLA Citation Help

When you write a paper or create a presentation, you must tell your readers or listeners where you found the information you used. This is both to credit the ideas of others and to let your readers or listeners know where to find more information on your topic. (You've created interest with your fine paper or presentation!) The sources listed below will help you follow MLA style, but if you need more help, make a half-hour appointment with the Academic Success Center (formerly known as the Tutoring Center). They are the campus experts!

Your Librarian

Accessing the Databases from Home

It is not unusual for students to have problems gaining access to the library databases. Please don't despair! Read the information in this box, and if you still have problems, call or visit the Help Desk on the third floor of the Library: 215-968-8191.

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  • Please don't use your entire email address, just the digits and characters up to the '@' sign.
  • Some databases have limited simultaneous users (CINAHL and Oxford Music for example).This means that only a certain amount of people can access the database at a time. If this might be the case for you, try back later.