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Help Desk and Services Center - Students: PaperCut

Find guides and tutorials for the technology used at Bucks.


PaperCut is the print management software that is used to track account printing usage and billing.  You may have noticed a green window in the upper right corner of a campus computer after logging in.  This is the PaperCut system reporting your active balance.

Students will be granted a $25.00 balance or 500 sheets of paper starting on July 1st and ending the following year on June 30th.

  • Single-sided black and white pages will deduct $0.05 from your balance.
  • Duplex (double-sided) black and white pages will deduct $0.08.  Duplex printing is encouraged and will result in a lower total charge for printing.
  • Single-sided color pages will deduct $0.08 from your balance.

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