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Margaret's PSYC190 Guide: Home

Use this guide for help with your assignment. You'll find links, widgets, and tutorials here.

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Help with Citations

Click below to see the BCCC Tutoring Center's Handouts and Purdue's OWL site about how to cite your sources. Remember to use APA style.


Check out my Plagiarism LibGuide for more information!

Welcome to your PSYC190 Guide!


Welcome to this thing called a LibGuide. I've tried to gather here links and tutorials that will help you when researching your PSYC190 assignments. You are welcome to stop by the library, call us, email us or instant-message the librarians for additional help, but I am guessing you will find much of the information you need right here...

To the left, you will find general library stuff like how to navigate the library's website, how to search the catalog to find books, and how to cite your sources to avoid accidental plagiarism.

In this middle column, you will find information and links for using EBSCOhost and PsychARTICLES, two of the library's biggest databases and probably the sources of most of your research for this class. You will also see a box that can help you if you have trouble getting into the databases from home.

On the right, you will see my contact information. If you want to ask me a question, I suggest you email since I sometimes work at other locations. (Really, I don't mind.) Underneath my profile box, you will see a widget called "Get Help." We use Meebo for instant messaging, and with this tool you can get library help anytime the library is open.

Good luck with your course!

All the best,


Link Directly to the Databases Here

You'll find most of the information for your assignments in these databases, selected by the librarians and faculty to support the courses taught at Bucks.

EBSCOhost Tutoral

Please watch this up-to-date video tutorial to learn more about EBSCOhost and score some great tips on using it effectively.

Learn How to Use PsychARTICLES

Your Librarian

Get Help

For more help options, visit the Ask a Librarian page.