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This LibGuide has been designed to assist COMM240 students with research and other Library tasks.

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In-Depth APA Citation Help

If you are looking for help citing your sources in APA style, these two guides have examples and explanations of citations, work cited lists, and other elements of style. Remember, the Academic Success Center is your go-to place for live help with citations.

BONUS TIP: Both of these sources also have extensive help for MLA and other styles.


When in doubt about the validity of a news source, use a CRAAPP test!

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As a:

Welcome to your Persuasive Communication LibGuide!

Hello Students!

Welcome to COMM240. I'm Margaret Montet, your Embedded eBrarian for this course. I've created this research guide (also known as a LibGuide) to help you with your research and general Library-type activities. I've tried to streamline processes for you to save you time and energy, and eliminate confusion where possible. Please take a look at the LibGuide soon so that you'll know what is here. You'll be glad you did this later in the semester when things get busy.

My advice for you is to consult the LibGuide for tips and information as you work through your assignments. If you can't find something, or you're confused, please contact me or one of my colleagues in the Library. My Bucks email is linked in my box to the left under my pretty picture with the law books. You may also contact me through Canvas mail, the Library Discussion Board in Canvas, or by telephone (my digits are under my pretty picture, too). 

Information about Database searching is in this column, and other topics are to the left in the skinny column. I've created another page just for tutorials, and you can get to that by clicking on the blue tab above. If you are reading this message on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.), please take a look at it on an actual computer because I believe the content is easier to navigate that way. Once you know what is here, your mobile device will make more sense! :-)

Citations and Works Cited Lists: I've placed some information in this guide to help you wade through this task. If you have a brief question about citations, we librarians can help you. If you are completely befuddled by the whole idea of citing your sources (this happens a lot), I recommend that you contact the Academic Success Center and make an appointment with a Writing Tutor. This is an excellent investment of your time as they can clear up this process for you once and for all! They are on each BCCC campus and also offer Online Tutoring:

Good Luck this semester!

Find Articles and Much More in LIBRARY DATABASES!

These Library databases are recommended for most topics related to Persuasion.  Find high-quality, reliable information from journal articles, newspapers, and websites.


  • Look inside EBSCOhost for a wealth of databases covering many disciplines with various types of resources (newspapers, magazine articles, scholarly journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias). Look to the right of the screen when you are reading an article to find the little yellow button that leads you to Works Cited citations in many styles including APA and MLA.
  • Communication and Mass Media Complete (inside EBSCOhost) is an extraordinary database for Communication articles including some on Persuasion topics.
  • Credo Reference is a great database consisting of specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias. While these don't count towards your required sources, you can use this source to define unfamiliar terms (and remove confusion about your topic), find effective search terms you might not have thought of, and discover related topics and subtopics. While these dictionary and encyclopedia entries might not count towards your required sources, you should still list them in your Works Cited list, and Credo will show you how to format your citation.
  • Newspapers: these are great sources for many projects. Notice Bucks has a Newspaper database inside EBSCOhost and a separate database for the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times can be found in Nexis Uni, formerly Lexis Nexis Academic.