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Modern Day Use of Slaves: Home

For MGMT100 writing assignments.

Starting the Research

How you conduct your research is ultimately your decision. The information provided in this libguide is a starting point and is not a substitute for the entirety of your research process. It is a wise student who is familar with issues of plagiarim and information literacy. The course space contains information regarding this as does this libguide. Feel free to ask questions of the librarians while in the library or use the online communication resources.

Links to use at the beginning

You need to use the definition of slavery at Gentle reminder: Your focus in this business class is the use of slaves by legitimate businesses.
You may not write about human trafficking nor early and forced marriage. Do not conduct your research by using the types of slaves as search key words. 

There are no search engine requirements or recommendations, but students may want to consider the Advanced search feature of Google.

Beyond the Classroon: Ethical Reasoning

If you want more information regarding how to determine the ethical issues of a situarion you may wish to read this short article.

How many slaves work to produce what you own?

Take this 15 minute quiz to determine how many slaves are working to get products to you. This quiz may help make the connection between 'over there' and how people in Bucks County. Consider taking the quiz with input from all household members.