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Opposing Viewpoints  is an online subscription database focused on controversial social issues. It includes an entire section devoted to social media.

EBSCOhost is a collection of twenty-six databases covering multiple disciplines.  Academic Search Premier and MasterFILE Premier are good general databases. Communication & Mass Media Complete and Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection for specific resources related to the "How We Connect" essay.

JSTOR contains scholarly articles focused on humanities and the social sciences.


Finding Reputable Websites

Google Web Search

LIMIT GOOGLE Search by Domain Name

  1. Restrict search to those sites created by government and colleges / universities.
  2. Search Example -> Social Media Isolation


Currency: When was the resource updated last?

Reliability: Is the content primarily opinion? Are there supporting references?

Authority: Who created the resource? Can you contact him / her with questions?

Accuracy: What are the credentials of the author? Are there references for the source and can you verify the references?

Purpose: Why was the resource put on the web? Is there a product being sold? What is the domain extension?