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  • Each group was given pathology pertinent to a topic relevant to Bio 181.
    • Diabetes, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Breast Cancer
  • Presentation must be in power point format
  • Each person must present a portion of the topic
  • Presentation must last 5-10 minutes in length
  • Presentation must be emailed to me
  • Format is as such
    • Topic
    • Definition of topic
    • Physiology explaining the mechanism of the pathology
    • Signs and symptoms of pathology
    • Demographics pathology affects the most (ie – gender, age, race, living location, etc.)
    • Current treatments and outcomes of treatment
    • Current research  and potential future treatments if any
    • Works cited of resources - MLA
      • Reputable website/resources only
        • .edu schools
        • Official journals – available in library
        • Textbooks
      • No blogs
      • No personal websites
  • Graded on:
    • Length of presentation
    • Proper use of works cited
    • Content relevant to class
    • Did you complete the above listed requirements
    • Did you participate in the presentation
      • A small portion of the grade will be based on your speaking skills

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