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Fake News: Student Resources for Understanding Fake News

This guide was designed to help students, faculty, and others recognize and analyze Fake News.

Welcome to the Fake News LibGuide!

As a citizen, you are both a consumer and a creator of news. You should always verify information before spreading it (on social media or by word of mouth), or before using it in a college assignment. Learn more about news and fake news below including how to recognize FAKE NEWS.

Types of Fake News

You might be able to add more types of Fake News to this list, but the main types are these:

  • Hoax
  • Propaganda
  • Bias
  • Satire


When in doubt about the validity of a news source, use a CRAAPP test!

Are you looking for a topic for a research paper or speech?

If you are considering topics for an assignment, maybe a research paper or speech, why not choose something related to Fake News. You will find many resources and ideas on this page and in the Library's databases. (Try Opposing Viewpoints!) Here are some ideas:

  • Fake News
  • Information Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Contagion
  • Backfire Effect
  • Confirmation Bias

Do you have any other ideas  to add? Email me using the link under my picture to the right>>>>>>>>>

How Fake News Does Real Harm

Journalist Stephanie Busari has a compelling perspective on fake news...

How to Choose Your News

Just because a news story is repeated, you shouldn't assume it is Real!

Evaluating Bias in News Sources

Please take a look at this fine infographic which shows the reliability and bias of various news sources. Which would you want to use for your assignment? Watch the video or click on the link to go to the image. By the way, although this infographic went viral from the Imgur website, it was actually created by a lawyer named Vanessa Otero who can be reached here:

Suggested Reading

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