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Hi folks, this guide is intended to help you with your film review assignment. From the assignment sheet:

4) Reality – This is the most important part of the essay and should be the longest. How did the film match up with history? Be specific and cite any sources.

  • Were the characters based on real people? If so, were they portrayed accurately?
  • Were there any real events portrayed? If so, how accurate was the portrayal?
  • If there were no real characters or events portrayed, are the characters the sort of people found at the time?
  • When and where was the movie set? Were the sets realistic?
  • Were the clothing, equipment, and other props shown realistically?
  • Was the zeitgeist (spirit of the age) depicted well? 

You maybe need some information on background, but reality will likely make up the bulk of your research. The information in the databases below can help you check out the answers to each fo these questions. The information on the side will help you site your sources.

Library Databases

These databases are likely to be the most helpful for your historical research, but depending on the film, others may work as well.

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