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COMP111: Dr. Groth: Books

Use this research guide for help finding books, articles, and websites for your COMP111 project

BOOKS: Be aware that there are books from popular presses and books from scholarly publishers.

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Are you desperate for a book or article that we don't have?

Maybe you've found information about the perfect article in one of the databases but there's no full text.  Or you've found the perfect book in the catalog but it's checked out.  You can request a copy of the book or article through interlibrary loan by submitting this form.  We'll try to find another library that has it and send it to you.  Be aware, though, that this process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, so this isn't something that you can do at the last minute.

Is this how you search for books?

I hope not. After you watch the silly video, look to your left where you will see the Library's Book Catalog widget.

Books: Scholarly vs. Popular

Reference Books You Might Want To Consult

Don't forget about reference books when you are trying to learn more about your topic or put it in context. These are only a sample of the many dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other tools you will find in the Library's Reference Department which can help you gather information about a place, time, or culture related to your research topic. Many also include suggestions for further reading. I blab more about how you might use these books in my BLOGPOST HERE. Call numbers are included in this list to make your search easier.

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