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VAFA 191 Professor Riccardi

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Resources for Citing Your Sources

Bucks Academic Success Center: Documentation and Citation Handouts

The Owl at Purdue:  MLA Formatting and Style Guide



Oxford Art Online Contains articles, biographies, searchable images, subject guides, and timelines related to visual arts from prehistory to the present. Use this database to find background information about the time period, geographical region or related artist for your selected work.

ARTstor Repository of hundreds of thousands of digital images and related data. This databases is a good place to find an image. You can utilize a fine tune zooming feature which allows you a close up look at the detail involved in the art work.

JSTOR Contains scholarly articles focused on arts and sciences.  This database is a good source for articles to assist you in analyzing your art work.

Academic Search Premier -  Covers all subject and many types of resources, with both scholarly and non scholarly resources. 

Types of Information

Information Sources
Information Type Created by Reviewed by Where Available
Academic / Scholarly Articles Experts in the field Other experts in the field Library Databases
Magazine  / Newspaper Articles Journalists Editors  Library Databases / Web
Websites Anybody Review not required  Web


VIrtual Reference Desk

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Currency - Has the site been updated recently? Do the links still work? Do the graphics still load? When was the article copyrighted? 

Relevance - Is this article about the topic you're researching? Who is the intended audience (college students, K-12, professors)?

Authority - What are the author's credentials? What is the publisher's angle? Is contact information provided?

Accuracy - Are the sources cited for the claims made? Has the information been reviewed? Can you verify the facts? Are there spelling or other errors?

Purpose - Is the article intended to persuade? Does the author make the intent clear? Does it seem impartial or biased?