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SMART Products: SMART Notebook

Information on SMART Notebook updates and features, SMART board techniques and SMART podium aka sympodium

SMART Support

This guide provides tutorials on how to use features of the SMART products. Support is available for you to learn how these tools can be used in your instruction to facilitate learning. Please contact Jackie Burger, or x8056, to schedule a one-on-one or virtual appointment. 

Installing and Using SMARTNotebook

If you would like to install SMARTnotebook, please contact 

How to open SMART Notebook

Click this icon on your desktop or on the teacher's station computer SMART Notebook icon

This is a blank SMART Notebook page. This blank page can be used as a whiteboard like surface. Use a SMART Board pen to write on the page. You can extend the page, or start a new page when you run out of writing surface. All SMART Notebook files can be exported as PDFs and shared with students or posted in a Canvas course space. 


Blank SMART Notebook page

SMART Notebook Installation for Faculty

SMART Notebook is installed on the teacher station computers and full-time faculty computers by Bucks County Community College IT.

If you full-time or part-time faculty in need of the software on a personal computer, please contact Jackie Burger, or x8056 to request the license key. Then, follow these directions:

Go to the website to download the latest version of SMART Notebook.

Enter the license key

Save the file to your Desktop or Downloads folder (remember which).  It will take several minutes to save.

After the file (****.exe) is saved, double click on it to start the Install Wizard.  Follow the instructions:

  • Accept the license Agreement
  • Install into the default folder
  • You may select the SMART Response product if you would like to install this student response/student polling system.
  • On the Startup Options tab, deselect Smart Board Tools if you do not wish for these to show every time you reboot your computer.
  • WARNING: Do not click “make SMART Ink Document viewer the default PDF viewer”.
  • Unclick Enable the Customer Service Experience.
  • Unclick the Galleries if you will not use them, however, galleries do include a variety of static and interact graphics.  The files are large and take a long time to install.
  • Do not add in any languages if you will only need English.
  • Click on Install.
  • After the install, you might have to reboot your machine.

Features of SMART Notebook 18

MATH Features

EDUC Features