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SPMT201 - Coyne: Video Mashup Project

A guide to your video mashup project

Media Lab

Media Lab Location/Hours

The Media Lab is on the main floor of the Newtown Library.


Visit the space to work on your project. Staff are available to help answer any movie editing or research questions.



Mon - Thur 8am - 9pm

Fri 8am - 3:30pm




Media Project Steps

Your assignment:

Video Mashup Project
People will not buy a product if they do not know it exists and promotion is the sport marketer’s tool for communicating to the market about the company and its product.  Promotion involves the vehicles through which the marketer conveys information about product, place, and price.  Sport promotion is the function of informing people about the sport company’s products and influencing their purchase behavior.  
     a. To recognize the complexity of promotion with respect to the various forms it can assume as part of the marketing.
     b. To identify integral elements of promotion and the various approaches used in advertising.
     c. To recognize the key characteristics of effective promotional programs and campaigns aimed at expanding existing consumer bases and at  increasing the frequency of consumption.
    d. To become familiar with the technological basics and terminology.
    e. To apply AIDA approach when creating this multimedia project.
II. Assignment
There are a variety of ways that a sport marketer can use to advertise and promote their apparel, equipment, mascot, novelties, memories, a player, a team, an event or their organization.  You must recognize the importance of promotions in the marketing efforts of sport organizations.  
Your challenge is to create a multimedia video mashup that portrays any of the above.  Each of us has experienced promotion(s) in one form or another.  Present the video mashup to a target audience that you will select.  In this assignment, you are being asked to be creative and develop a promotional (advertising) tool.  
1. Produce a multi-media video mashup (collage of sound, pre-recorded or self-recorded photos and/or video, and content) that advertises and/or promotes apparel, equipment, mascot, novelties, memories, a player, a team, an event or organization in sport.   
2. Your video product must be at least 4 minutes long but may not exceed 5 minutes in duration.  The video must be presented in a format that will open and play on any of the computer workstations at Bucks County Community College.

So you've been assigned a media project. What does this mean exactly?

A media project is one that includes elements other than text on paper. This could be a mashup (video or otherwise), Glogster, online timeline, Prezi, photo editing, game board creation or similar project.

For all of these types of media projects, the basic steps are the same:

1) Do some research. Trying to put together images, video and audio for a topic you don't know about is tough. Get the facts first.

2) Craft a general outline or storyboard. This is the flow of your media project. What will you cover first? Which order is the information presented in? What kinds of media might you need for these parts? (You can change your mind later!)

3) Gather all your media. Go to the "Find media" tab at the top to search for copyright-okay pictures, videos, images, and music.

4) Put together your project: Use the research and media in the order of your outline and add music and effects. 

5) Publish, export or save your project. The final step is to make your media project available for your professor or class to enjoy.

Creating a media project

If you don't have a Voicethread account and the box below has a message about signing in, you can view an imperfect copy of the presentation on YouTube: Making a Media Project