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Teaching with Technology: Start Here

Guide to selecting technology tools based on your learning design for online or face-to-face courses

Steps to Selecting and Implementing Technologies: Your Toolkit

How can this toolkit help you?

Choosing activities for students to complete to learn objectives and skills is not an easy task. Adding technology to the mix increases the amount of options and the level of difficulty in identifying the option best suited for your students. The information on the pages within this toolkit will guide your thoughts in selecting activities and tools most appropriate to your learning objectives. 

Resources Used to Create the Learning Technologies Toolkit

Bloom, B. (1956) Taxonomy of educational objectives; the classification of educational goals. Longmans, NY. 

Allan Carrington's The Padagogy Wheel v3.0. Available at

Kathy Schrock's SAMR page in her web resource Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everyting. Available at:

Learning Technologies Librarian

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