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iPad and iPhone Apps: Basic All-Purpose Apps and Productivity

This guide was created to support the iPhone and iPad Apps non-credit course at BCCC.

Helpful Apps

  • QR Reader (those square bar codes lead you to stuff)
  • 30/30 (Time Management and Productivity)
  • YikYak (What are the youngsters talking about?)
  • Flashlight
  • SimpleNote (notes)
  • WhiteNoise (Mask annoying noise)
  • Calm (Meditation, iPhone only)
  • Storehouse (write stories with text, video, and photos)
  • OmmWriter (iPad and computer only, no phone; a zen-like space for writing; $4.99)

General Tools

Here are more handy tools for your device:

  • Level (like the carpenter's tool)
  • PickUpLines (yup, there's an app for that!)
  • Tempo--the Today Show hosts like this for integrating calendars and related content
  • Kindle--you can put a Kindle reader on your device if you own a Kindle (check also iBooks and Nook)
  • GoodReader ($1)--reads multiple file formats (MS Office products, PDF, HTML)
  • Flipboard--customize digital magazine with topics or websites you want to read; topic channels available, too
  • iMindMap--visually organize information (check out my blog for more information on this concept, if not iMindMaps specifically
  • Dropbox--Cloud storage for your documents, photos, videos,etc.; sync between multiple devices
  • Dragon Dictation--voice-to-text translation
  • PrivacyStar--identifies mysterious phone numbers calling your mobile phone.

Social Media

Twitter--communicate with your Tweeps with 140 characters and pictures

Facebook--communicate with your friends and share photos, videos, and memes

LinkedIn--network with your professional contacts; share news, articles, and photos; upload your resume; search for folks in desired organizations

Tumblr--collect information from different sources and see what your friends are posting

Instagram--communicate with photos; add special effects to photos


Helpful Links

A Prezi Introduction with Basic Tools, and some Photography Apps

Jackie on Evernote

Evernote is a popular tool for organization.

Bill on AnyList

Make lists for shopping and more with AnyList.

Brian on Bucks Mobile

Find information about BCCC Libraries and search the catalog.

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