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Help Desk and Services Center - Faculty and Staff: Concourse

Find guides and tutorials for the technology used at Bucks.


Concourse is an online cloud based syllabus management system. Concourse is the place where all syllabi will be created, maintained, and made publicly available. Instead of submitting a syllabus to a department administrative assistant, faculty will create their official course syllabi in Concourse.


  1. Do NOT enter any textbook information.  Textbook information will automatically be uploaded to Concourse within 24 hours of it becoming available in Colleague.  You can add/enter Other materials information (i.e. pens, notebooks, journals, etc.)
  2. DO include the actual withdrawal date.  You can find the correct date by clicking on the link to the Academic Calendar found in the Withdrawal Information and Deadline item in Concourse, but do that BEFORE you click on the yellow pencil edit icon for that item.
  3. DO click on AUDIT when you’ve completed the syllabus, following the directions provided in the handout and in the movies.
  4. When adding sub-items in the Course Policies and/or Additional Items areas, DO NOT click on the yellow edit item, but rather DO click on the green Course Policy+ and/or green Additional Item+ button, as appropriate.  DO create a separate sub-item for each piece of information.  For example, click on the green Course Policy+ button and add a cell phone usage policy.  Be sure to use the LABEL area to give it a title.  Then click on the green Course Policy+ button again to separately add a late-to-class policy.
  5. Import is now called Copy.

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