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This guide has been created to support students in Professor Luciano's COMP111 course.

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Which Databases for which Assignments?

You are so lucky! Professor Luciano recommended some sources within your assignment instructions in Canvas to help you form streamlined search strategies. Definitely follow her suggestions, and if you need additional help navigating them, contact me or any of the other librarians. I thought I would make my own list of suggested sources for you here, right in the LibGuide. Please note that EBSCOhost may be listed for more than one assignment, but you'll be selecting different databases from its collection.

I'll put suggestions for each assignment in its own box (below) to keep things clear.


Sources for Paper 1 (Literary Criticism)

  • EBSCOhost (Academic Search Premier and MLA International Bibliography) Please note there is a special tutorial on the Tutorial page for doing literary criticism in EBSCOhost.)
  • Literature Online (Also Known As LION)
  • JSTOR (look for a tutorial on the Tutoral page)
  • Literature Criticism Online (tricky but good)

Sources for Paper 2 (Education)

  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (look for a tutorial)
  • EBSCOhost: Education Full-Text, ERIC (but we won't have many of the articles in ERIC in full-text --you can try InterLibrary Loan)
  • Nexis Uni (formerly known as Lexis Nexis--this is where to find The New York Times)
  • The Washington Post
    • can be found in Nexis Uni or Newspaper Source in EBSCOhost
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • can be found in many databases including EBSCOhost's Academic Search Premier or Education Full-Text


Sources for Paper 3 (Economic Injustice)

For this paper, recommended databases are largely going to depend on what topic you've chosen. I can make some suggestions, most echoing Professor Luciano's instructions:

  1. EBSCOhost (The databases you choose here will depend on the topic you've chosen, for example, Health Source for health and medical topics, and Greenfile for environmental topics)
  2. Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  3. Multimedia sources (Some can be found in Opposing Viewpoints, and others in Films on Demand)
  4. Matt Seibert's LibGuide on Government Documents can help you locate government documents on your topic.

Sources for your Major Research Paper

Guess what! You'll all have different topics for this paper. I'd recommend that you consider which previous paper your topic is most like, and use the sources recommended for it. Consult me or one of my library colleagues for additional assistance if you need it. Good luck!


Welcome to this thing called a LibGuide. I've tried to gather here links and tutorials that will help you when researching your COMP111 assignments. You are welcome to  email me, call me, or stop by the library for additional help, but I am guessing you will find much of the information you need right here...

To the left, you'll see recommended sources for each paper. Please remember that there are tutorials for many of these databases on the Tutorial Page. Look for the blue tab above.

In this middle column, you will find information and links for using EBSCOhost, the library's biggest database and probably the source of most of your research for this class. There are many databases to choose from for your research projects, and you'll find some tutorials for them by clicking on the blue tabs above. You will also see a box that can help you if you have trouble getting into the databases from home.

On the right, you will see my contact information. If you want to ask me a question, I suggest you email since I sometimes work at other locations. (Really, I don't mind.) You may also call the Library's Reference Desk at 215-968-8013 to speak to one of my librarian colleagues. Lastly, please notice the Get Help box. Here, you can chat with a librarian during the hours that the Library is open. If the Library is closed, your question will appear to us as a text when we open in the morning. You will also find general library stuff like how to navigate the library's website, how to search the catalog to find books, and how to cite your sources to avoid accidental plagiarism.

If you are reading this on a mobile device, you may not see the columns about which I speak. Take a few moments to look at this page on an actual computer so that you'll understand the layout and logic. You will be glad you did once things get busy and you have questions!

Good luck with your course!

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