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IDea Guide for Teaching and Learning: Kahoot!

for Regina Hierholzer

5 ways to make a Kahoot awesome

You’ve worked out how to make a kahoot, but how do you make your kahoot awesome? What is it that makes some learning games worth featuring, attract thousands of players, and such a joy to play? Here are 5 ways for you to take your Kahoot!’ing to the next level… 

Step 1: Creating a Kahoot Account

Step 2: Creating a Kahoot

Step 3: Playing a Kahoot: Live/Synchronous

Step 3: Playing a Kahoot: Challenge/Asynchronously

Instructor, Instructional Designer

Regina Hierholzer's picture
Regina Hierholzer
Learning Resources Department
You can find me in the Library at
The Bucks County Community College
Website Skype Contact: reghier