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IDea Guide for Teaching and Learning: Screenpresso

for Regina Hierholzer



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(Download the free version first, then contact for the Pro version on your Bucks administered computer.)

What is Screenpresso?

This LibGuide was created as a resource for those that were unable to attend the Screenpresso workshop and for those attendees who would like to review the workshop agenda.


Screenpresso is software that:

  • captures images on your desktop
  • converts whatever you are doing on your desktop into an HD video
  • has a built-in workspace to help you organize your projects
  • has a built-in editor to make changes to your images 
  • has a bulit-in document editor to create tutorials


logo_verysmall.png How?

Activate Screenpresso in different ways: 

  • go to the Windows start button and search for the program
  • go to the Windows system tray and click on the logo_verysmall.png in the hidden icons

For quick capture of screenshots or videos:

  • go to top of your screen and the Screenpresso toolbar will drop down on the screen

For quick capture of "just" screenshots:

  • press on the PrintScreen key on your keyboard and the crosshairs will appear


logo_verysmall.png Why?

  • Work more efficiently and communicate better with your colleagues and students.
  • Use images or videos to show someone exactly what to do without a long involved and time-consuming explanation.


logo_verysmall.png Quick Facts

  • BCCC supports Screenpresso Pro, therefore the software is free to you and you can easily get help with using it by contacting the Bucks Help Desk.
  • If Screenpresso is not already on your Bucks issued computer, you should first download the free version and contact to ask for the Pro version.
  • Sorry Mac users, Screenpresso only works with a PC. 

Instructor, Instructional Designer

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Regina Hierholzer
Learning Resources Department
You can find me in the Library at
The Bucks County Community College
Website Skype Contact: reghier