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IDea Guide for Teaching and Learning: Using VidGrid in Canvas

for Regina Hierholzer

VidGrid Engages Learners

Use VidGrid to record your presentation of PowerPoint lecture materials. You can record just your voice or include your webcam video feed. 

You or your students can use VidGrid within Canvas. Accessing the VidGrid tool within Canvas does not require logging into VidGrid, and facilitates a relatively seamless user experience for faculty and/or students using VidGrid to record/upload and share to a Canvas discussion, page or announcement. 

VidGrid Facilitates Accountability for Watching Videos

You can use the analytics tools in VidGrid to see which students viewed your video. You could create an assignment requiring students to watch the video.

If you want to grade students for watching the video, you can set-up a Canvas assignment and select "No Submission" as the submission type. You would need to look at the VidGrid analytics and then assign a grade to the student in Speedgrader. The analytics report does NOT integrate with the Canvas Gradebook. VidGrid quizzes and surveys DO integrate with the Canvas Gradebook. 

If you do not want to add an assignment in Canvas, but you do want your students to watch a video, you can add the link to the video in your modules. 

Using VidGrid in Canvas Discussions

Our VidGrid pilot users, about 25 faculty across all academic disciplines, found using VidGrid in a Canvas discussion as a useful teaching tool. The students can reply to a discussion with embedded VidGrid videos of themselves or of a screencast of their work. Students can use a webcam or their cell phones to record. Examples of their use of VidGrid in Canvas discussions include:

  • Student presentation on a topic in order to teach their classmates 
  • Student explanation of the steps they tool to solve an equation
  • Student speeches and peer-review 
  • Student demonstration of their art work 

If you require students to submit a recording of themselves or their work using VidGrid, include in your discussion prompt the following instructions for your students to follow to use the VidGrid tool.



Using VidGrid as an Assignment Submission Type

Students can submit their VidGrid videos, either recordings made in VidGrid or recordings made on their cell phones or webcams, to an assignment. You can then view the student's video and grade it using a rubric and the Canvas Speedgrader tools.

This is a good option for grading student presentations, demonstrations, or for descriptive video of their artwork. Share with your students the link to this LibGuide to guide them in creating a recording or uploading a recording to VidGrid. Another great resources for students to use is the VidGrid support page: Provide the link to this LibGuide and to the VidGrid support page in your assignment directions. 

Here are directions for faculty to use to set-up VidGrid as an assignment submission type:

NOTE: When students submit their recording to the assignment, it is automatically graded a 100%. You can change the grade. It is a known issue and the VidGrid support team is working on a resolution. 

Using VidGrid and Embedded Quizzes, Surveys and Calls to Action

You can embed a survey, call to action, like a prompt to have a student open a webpage, or a graded quiz to your VidGrid recordings.

Screencast on how to set-up a survey or graded quiz in your recording or uploaded video in VidGrid:

Screencast on how to set-up a call to action in your recording or uploaded video in VidGrid:

Only the graded quiz option syncs to the Canvas Gradebook. To sync your VidGrid quiz and Canvas, you need to set-up an Assignment in your Canvas course and select VidGrid Quiz as the submission type. Here are instructions on how to set-up a VidGrid Quiz as an Assignment: 

NOTE: Multiple choice and multiple select quiz options are automatically graded in VidGrid/Canvas SpeedGrader. Calls to action, bookmarks, and fill in the blank questions are other embedded content options, but do not result in a grade for a student in a Canvas course space assignment.